According To Rumors Amazon Will Start Accepting Bitcoins


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Amazon will soon start accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment in an upcoming October conference call. The rumor comes from sources in Silicon Valley, and it resembles previous claims made by an investor in September.


As bitcoin is rising in value every day it may have caught eyes of e-commerce giant Amazon.The value of 1 bitcoin is US  5797.65$ as of writing this article.It is on the rise for as long as remember.

According to German newspaper Welt, as later reported by CoinTelegraph, financial technology sources in Silicon Valley are making claims about Amazon’s plans to support Bitcoin as a new payment method.

These rumors have a lot in common with claims made by investor James Altucher last month, Who predicted Amazon might announce this during an earnings conference call set for October 26.

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When Welt Reached out to Amazona spokesperson replied saying they do not engage in speculation but that they do “include new products or services only when these are useful for our customers.”

Even after the amazons response Welt predicts that “Even if the Oct. 26 date is not set in stone, Bitcoin introduction should probably be expected soon.”

It looks like we have to wait if those rumors are right only future will tell.If the retailer does reveal plans to adopt the digital currency, it’ll be one of the biggest online storefronts to do so, which could prompt others to do the same. Amazon is a business after all, and if Bitcoin could boost its performance, it will certainly make an effort to embrace it.




Source Welt

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