Intel and AMD Team up to fight against Nvidia to produce a new laptop chip


Rivals Intel and  Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are teaming up to make new laptop chip incorporating Intel CPU, Radeon GPU, and Memory.The partnership will bring two companies head to head with Nvidia the major GPU maker in the market.

Behind All This

This is unlikely partnership given the rivalry between AMD and Intel when it comes to CPU market.Shaking hands on partnership represent a rare moment of harmony between two companies.The thing about this partnership is having paid out $1.5 billion in licensing fees since 2011 to Nvidia Intel Just wanted to explore other options.The enemy of my enemy is my friend—that’s one explanation for how the deal came about.

The partnership is about developing High-Performance laptop chip capable of VR and all sorts of fancy stuff which portable laptops were not able to do until now.

Intel introduces a new product in the 8th Gen Intel Core processor family that combines high-performance CPU with discrete graphics for a thin, sleek design. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

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The laptops built on new chips won’t compete with Ryzen chips in the market.Intel says this is the first consumer product that uses the EMIB small intelligent bridge design, which allows information to be passed quickly in “extremely close proximity.”

The bridge allows chips to be both smaller and more powerful. The new chip will use HBM2 and can be used in devices including notebooks, two-in-ones, and mini desktops.

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