iPhone 8 & 8 plus Revolutionary Or Just a Buzz


This Week Apple Launched so-called revolutionary new iPhone(as always) iPhone 8 & 8 plus.So here’s what changed from the previous generation(*like seriously).


Well as you can see from this image


nothing has changed as expected from Apple.


Apple has said that Iphone8 has all new design with full glass rear(**So that you can have 2 heart attacks when you drop it) and it comes with  3 colors to choose from silver, space gray, and a new gold finish.

There is also spacecraft grade aluminum used to make the body and the most durable glass ever on iPhone according to apple and it is also water and dust resistant as most of the flagships nowadays.

Stereo speakers provide an improved sound experience over the iPhone 7, as they’re 25% louder and capable of deeper bass. As expected after it was ditched for the iPhone 7, there’s no headphone jack.

Unlike iPhone X iPhone 8 comes with plenty of bezels all around it.It also comes with the fingerprint scanner as every iPhone from iPhone 5 onwards.


Like the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 also has a 4.7-inch display, which should keep the handset at a manageable size for one-handed use.

But hold on a minute it’s not the same display but it is Retina Hd Display which comes with improved color accuracy and wider color gamut.

3D touch is also there enabling you to do extra stuff by applying different pressure on the screen and for the first time, the screen on the iPhone 8 comes with Apple’s True Tone technology.

Which means iPhone automatically adapts to the changing environment for improved viewing experience.

You still get the same 1334 x 750 resolution though, so there’s still no full HD action on Apple’s 4.7-inch handset, which gives you a 326ppi pixel density.

Horsepower(aka Cpu & Gpu)

in short

  • Brand new A11 Bionic chipset
  • GPU provides 70% faster graphics over iPhone 7

Under the new iPhone 8, it has got quite a bit improvement as it packs new A11 bionic chip which is a 64-bit chip which gives improved performance over old generation chip from Apple that is A10 on iPhone 7’s.

In fact, depending on the cores it’s using, it’s between 20% and 70% faster than its predecessor, while the all-new GPU is also 70% faster than the iPhone 7’s.

That means faster load times, improved gaming experience and hopefully better battery life too.

It also features for the first time apple designed GPU which gives 70% more performance in graphics related application.


  • 12MP rear-facing camera
  • 4K video at 60fps, 1080p slo-mo video at 240fps

The iPhone 8 has a 12MP rear camera as the predecessor but with a larger sensor that takes in 83% more light versus the one found on the iPhone 7, and a faster response time thanks to A11 Bionic Chip.

It also boasts a wider dynamic range and better noise reduction, which means you should get clearer, brighter and more colorful shots and videos.

Apple has also bumped up the video recording capabilities on the iPhone 8, which is able to capture 4K footage at 60fps (frames per second) and slow-motion footage at 240fps – that’s double the frame rate on the iPhone 7.(thas pretty impressive.)

The 7MP front-facing camera is no different than the one on the iPhone 7, which is good enough for selfies and FaceTime.



  • Wireless charging support
  • You’ll have to buy charging pad separately

Apple says the iPhone 8 battery will last a similar amount of time to the one in the iPhone 7, so expect a day of usage and a nightly recharge.The iPhone 8 does come with fast-charging capabilities, giving you 50% of

The iPhone 8 does come with fast-charging capabilities, giving you 50% of the charge for just 30 minutes of plugged-in time – but you’ll need to purchase a separate USB-C cable to achieve this.(usual apple strategy)

Thanks to its glass back the iPhone 8 also offers wireless charging – or as Apple’s calling it, AirPower – enabling you to top up your phone without having to fumble around for a cable.

Apple has adopted the Qi wireless charging standard, which is already supported by a number of cars, stores, restaurants, and workplaces.

It looks like you’ll have to pay for a wireless charging pad separately though, with just a standard cable in the box.





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