Nasa Said It Can’t Afford to Get Humans to Mars[may be spaceX Can]


It comes as the great surprise that  Nasa’s  chief of human spaceflight, William H. Gerstenmaier, just announced that the agency can’t achieve the Mars goal on its current budget.

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Budget Shock

Nasa has been teasing Mars travel for as long as I remember.The very idea of traveling to another planet is fascinating.It’s been haunting to a lot of people through the decades.

“I can’t put a date on humans on Mars, and the reason really is the other piece is, at the budget levels we described, this roughly 2 percent increase, we don’t have the surface systems available for Mars,And that entry, descent, and landing is a huge challenge for us for Mars.” Gerstenmaier said during a propulsion meeting of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics on Wednesday.

Essentially the spacecraft which is supposed to take humans to Mars[SLS rocket and Orion craft] has cost NASA a ton of money.hence NASA hasn’t been able to make a vehicle which will land on Mars and explore.

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It’s Government Which determines future

What NASA will do next is still a mystery given trump administrations decision to cut funding to NASA.As unlike SpaceX NASA is not a private company to raise funds from investor’s it solely rely on funding from the government to do stuff.

So they need to maximize output from whatever resources they have in order to achieve their goal which is kind of really really tough.

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