Unity Vs Unreal Engine4:Which is Best for Final(2018)


We know that unity and unreal engine4  are the most popular game engines on the planet right now.They are both available to public freely.

While many game studios develop their in-house game engines to avoid licensing fees and to have the customized engine for the specific game but there’s still a huge market for indie developers and even larger studios needing a great game engine to help them create their game.

Games like Batman: Arkham Knight, Fortnite, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS are made using unreal engine 4 for more games made with the unreal visit here.Games like Cuphead For Game made with unity visit here.

Now the point Unity Vs Unreal Engine4: Which is Best for Final(2018).To determine this are the questions you need to ask yourself.

What Type of Games Will You Be Making?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what games you plan to make with the game engine?

Whether you want to make a 2d platformer or 3d first person shooter it depends or maybe a hybrid of 2d and 3d i.e. 2.5d game.You have to start small for your first game don’t dream of creating next call of duty on your own games like this are created by teams of at least 100 people.

Do you want to launch the game on a web browser or mobile platforms? Or are you aspiring to get it onto console platforms? How do you plan on making money off the game? Through in-app purchases, in-game ads or just the purchase price alone?

Answering these questions can help determine whether you should use unity or unreal.Both engines can certainly get the job done but depending on what kind of game you are trying to make might determine which is superior to your workflow.

If you are planning to make games for web or mobile i.e. android or ios then unity might be a superior option as with unity you can deploy your game to a wide range of platforms.

When it comes to mobile games that are where Unity really shows its dominants, with many popular mobile games created with it, it’s really become a mobile developer’s go-to game engine.As it has really great 2d features but recently as of 2018 unity is pushing hard for its 3d and it has greatly improved with unity 2017.3 it sometimes is on par with unreal i think.

Above statement by no way means that you cannot make games for consoles or pc, mac, Linux obviously you can but the graphical fidelity is not high enough.

For anything else go with unreal engine 4 as it is complete kind of suit we will discuss it later.


Unity as in its current state is kind of incomplete package you need lots of third-party plugins to get the work done.These plugins may or may not be free though.The important thing which I miss a lot from unreal is the material editor.

There is no way you are going to get the effect you like from unity as such without writing or buying shaders from asset store and writing shaders is a tedious task this is the part I still avoid(actually still don’t know).

When it comes to unreal they have a really nice material editor which works great without writing a single line of code its all node based as shown below.



This is a factor we have to consider when developing the game.

Both of these game engines are available for free to the public but in case of unity, you only get a personal edition of the engine for free.Though unity has reduced number of features reserved for paid versions over time.The most important features such as CPU, GPU profiler is missing with may more from the personal edition.

If you want the paid edition then there are 2 options plus with $35/month and pro with $125/month.Heres the screenshot of pricing.

When it comes to Unreal Engine4 it is free completely i.e. there is no personal, pro edition of the engine.The only thing is you need to give 5% royalty on your game if it makes more than $3000.

Programming Languages

It’s no secret that to create a game you’ll need to do programming. Depending on which programming language you’re comfortable with can help you decide whether to go with UE4 or Unity.

Unity uses C# at the time of writing this article While Unreal uses C++.Some people think that c++ is more powerful but it is hard to get around at the same time.

If you prefer any of these languages over the other then the decision may be pretty easy for you.


As stated earlier Unreal engine has a clear advantage here but unity is catching up fast.Unreal Engine 4 is truly a next-gen game engine.Unreal Engine 4 is capable of creating games you see release on console and pc.From complex simulation to advanced lighting unreal has got everything.

That being said graphics are not everything in game Unity is also powerful game engine but when compared to UE4, UE4 is simply better.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to ease of use it simply boils down to your preference.According to me, Unity is simply a winner here as is is less intimidating for starters to get started.Unity has clean UI, it is easy to get around Engine.

While it doesn’t mean UE4 has bad UI or is difficult to get around but it means that it is not as intuitive as unity.Unity is simply better.

Learning Curve

While both engines are relatively easy to learn the Engine which stands out the most is Unity.t is simple to get started, has a great documentation, there is n number of channels on youtube teaching you how to do stuff.

While UE4 is not that bad with enough time to spend you can master .it has good documentation but there are many youtube channels teaching you how to get around.It is more complex as it has more features than unity so it may take a while to learn the engine.


If you want to get started fast and make your first game be it web or mobile Unity is a way to go.It is easy to learn, great for the mobile game.Unity is also a great option for the console,pc development as it has greatly improved its graphical capability.

If you have a time and patience to learn UE4 it is the truly great engine.It has some of the industry standard graphical fidelity plus it supports C++(i.e. it supports pointers and stuff ).So if you want every bit of performance from the machine it is a great option.


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